Winslow's Home Videos


Season 2, Episode 9b
February 25th, 1999
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Scott Wood, Dominic Orlando, Dan Povenmire, Russ Mooney
Written by
Dan Povenmire, Dean Stefan
Music by
Mark Mothersbaugh

Winslow's Home Videos is the 9th episode of CatDog from Season 2. In this episode, Winslow hosts a TV show focusing on the life of CatDog.

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Winslow introduces himself and welcomes the viewers to an episode of Winslow's Home Videos. He turns on the TV - he has gathered some videos of Cat and Dog's daily lives. First, he plays a clip of Cat and Dog eating breakfast. Dog puts too much hot sauce on his tacos while Cat is reading the newspaper. Dog swallows his food, but the hot sauce causes fire to come out of Cat's mouth and burn Dog into ashes.

Next, Winslow shows a video of Cat and Dog riding a bike at the park. The Greaser Dogs spot the two and chase them. Cat and Dog run into a pole, spin around, knock the Greasers off of their bikes and fall on to the Greasers' bikes. Cat and Dog crash into a pole, where the Greasers beat the two up.

The next video shows Dog is taking a bath, while Cat is reading. Dog pretends to be a sailor. He pulls a squid out of the water and pretends the squid is attacking his boat, making Cat wet. When Cat orders Dog to stop with the squid, Dog forms a tidal wave which covers Cat, and runs through the house.

During the video, the TV turns off. The tidal wave from the video appears and covers Winslow. It rolls through the house and out the door, to reveal Winslow hanging from the door by his shoelace. He concludes the episode, and asks for some help.


  • For some reason, this episode is called "Winslow Documentary" in digital listings of CatDog.
  • This episode is included also shown with a copyright stamp on the trailer for CatDog videos with the VHS and DVD releases of The Rugrats Movie.


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