War of the CatDog


Season 1, Episode 6
October 6, 1998
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Written by
Andy Rheingold & Scott Sonneborn
Supervising Director
Derek Drymon
Storyboard Director
Chuck Klein
Storyboard Artist
Antoine Guilbaud
Animation Director
Russ Mooney
Denis M. Hannigan

War of the CatDog is the sixth episode of season 1.


It's Cat and Dog's family reunion, but they fight over a trophy. This house is surreal reverie and false colored walls. The bathroom is all green, orange and purple. The bedroom is sketched by black and yellow. This living room is sketched by red and pale blue. And the kitchen is all green and pink sketched to be. The bed is yellow, the TV is blue and yellow ans smashed the TV wih vapor, the sink is green, the refridgerator is green & purple. The counter is red and blue, and statue of liberty is not. This living room is still red and pale blue. and the house is divided.

Characters Present Edit


  • Mr. Sunshine, Cliff, Shriek, Lube, Rancid Rabbit, and Eddie do not appear.
  • The only time 3 characters will appeared in this episode.
  • The Tug-Of-War trophy in the episode is mysterious and has the curse of King Ramses who made this trophy to be CatDog. When they seperate it, their house is divided and crushed. When they collide it, the whole world gets chopped in half. (Literally)
  • In this episode, CatDog has relatives, but at the start of "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery", CatDog don't even know who their parents are, so how would anybody know they are related to CatDog?
  • Nickelodeon did not air this episode between 9/11/2001 and Thanksgiving weekend of 2004; presumably, Nickelodeon thought that the scene at the end where CatDog saws Earth into two pieces might trigger memories of the 9/11 attack.

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