The Pet is the eighth episode of CatDog from the first season.

The Pet


Season 1, Episode 8
October 8, 1998
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Directed by
Derek Drymon, Gary Goldstein, George Chialtas
Written by
Rick Rodgers, Frank Santopadre
Music by
Denis M. Hannigan

Characters PresentEdit


Cat and Dog find a wounded cockroach at the dump, and Dog becomes attached to the bug.


CatDog are at the Nearburg dump. Dog is digging in the junk and finds a poor wounded cockroach and wants to nurse it back to health. At first, Cat refuses this request, but Dog begs and pleads to him until the sun comes down to take the roach home. Cat finally accepts. Dog names his new found pet "Roachie". Cat is appalled at the sight of him, but he needs to get used to it.

Cat gets so fed up with Dog paying all of his attention to the bug that he builds an exterminator robot that surprisingly has a similar appearance to that of Cliff's. "Roachie" helps Cat out when the exterminator robot tries to exterminate him, and now Cat feels like a mother.

At last, the cockroach is better. Dog brings Roachie back to the dump and lets him crawl into the tube he came from. At their home, Cat and Dog cry until the exterminator robot (polited by Winslow) appears and chases them.