Springtime for CatDog


Season 2, Episode 15
March 9, 2000
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Springtime for CatDog is the 15th episode of the 2nd season of CatDog. In this episode, CatDog falls in love with a woman named Lorraine.

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The episode opens in a park with couples in love. CatDog are in a dumpster relaxing. Shortly, Cat finds by a beautiful woman from the distance. He and dog are captivated by her. The dumpster suddenly moves down the hill flinging to the air and falls down near the woman. The woman gives Dog ham. Cat and the woman sings an aria, much to Dog's irritation. The woman throws a ball to play fetch with Dog. Dog chases the ball and receives while slammed to a wall. CatDog goes back to the picnic area with the ball but they can't find the woman. As CatDog find Dog's name in the ball, they imagine marrying the woman but they show hostility to each other over marrying her.

In their house at the night, CatDog accidentally kiss each other. As Dog falls asleep, Cat goes under his bed to use a typewriter to make a poem to impress the woman. Dog also writes a poem for the woman. A the two finds themselves awake, they pretend to sleep.

Back in the park, CatDog finds the woman in the park. Cat asks her what her name is. The woman tells them that her name is Lorraine des Jardins. CatDog shows her their poems, but Cat blames Dog for writing his poem. The two blames each other and they fight. Lorraine calls them, which they stop fighting. Cat asks Lorraine if she would pick him or Dog. Lorraine is unable to choose either of them. Cat and Dog attempts to impress her but as the competition escalates, they fight each other again. After they stop fighting, Lorraine tells CatDog that the best of Cat and Dog is who they are together and can't share her. Lorraine tells them farewell and leaves. CatDog are disappointed that Lorraine left and they stay in their spot for several seasons.

As they talk about Lorraine, they found her again with a toucan as her new boyfriend. Dog asks Lorraine about loving him and Cat in the past. She tells him that she loves CatDog but finds cats, dogs, and CatDogs complicated, and finds birds easier to understand. The toucan flies away while taking Lorraine. Cat and Dog gets over with loving somebody and finds each other to be pals. Soon they find another beautiful woman and they fight each other over her.


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