Minor Characters

Cat-...signed,the Greaser dogs.Whaha,we WON!

CatDog won the war


CatDog are in Dog's bone cellar, when the Greasers decide to steal Dog's favorite bone, which causes a war between them and they stay in their house for months. Most of this episode is a parody of the Vietnam War.


CatDog are in Dog's bone cellar. While Dog is enjoying one of his favorite bones, Cat is really annoyed by his ambition. When they get out, the Greasers steal Dog's bone. He gets really mad, pushes them all and he and Cat take the bone back. Greaser try sneaking into their house with a catapult or a big steak, but no luck. Cat gets mad at them too because Lube wants to get his yarnball and scratching post. Their house turns into military camp and Cat even dresses as a sarge, while Dog dresses as a soldier. They decide to send Winslow to get foreign forcement, although it's against Winlsow's will.

A few months later, the Greasers finally infiltrate the house. They take over the living room, but they can't take over the second floor, because CatDog push a wardrobe on their head. Lube is trying to convince them come down as pretending to be their favorite food, knowing CatDog haven't eat since a lot of time. Shriek has had enough, they've been at war for months, but have no bone to show for it, and decides it is time for new leadership. She attacks, and easily overpowers Cliff, and, with help from Lube, ties him up. Shriek declares herself the leader now, and has the perfect plan to end the war. Dog freaks out, and decides to surrender the bone. Cat refuses, but then he faces the truth, and start offering Dog they should give them also Cat's scratching post, big yarnball, massage chair and even a hat. After a while, Cat freaks out as well, and even offers to give up the whole house and their freedom and then lifts up the wardrobe, ready to throw it down, only to show this is the right way and they should end this once and for all. After they go to the living room, they realize the Greasers gave up, and CatDog won they are happy.

Later, they also realize violence isn't the way to anything. Then, Winslow returns, bragging about a new tan he got. This drives CatDog mad, and, forgetting about their lesson about violence, begin chasing him as the episode ends.