Shriek Loves Dog is the seventh episode of CatDog from the first season.

Shriek Loves Dog


Season 1, Episode 20 (10a)
October 7, 1998
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Directed by
Derek Drymon, Gary Goldstein, Alan Smart
Written by
Steven Banks
Music by
Denis M. Hannigan

Characters Present


Winslow convinces Cat to get Shriek and Dog together in hopes of the Greasers treating Cat and Dog better.


The Greaser Dogs are chasing Cat and Dog. Cat and Dog run into their home. Winslow walks out of his mouse hole and tells Cat he has noticed that Shriek refuses to ever hurt Dog. Cat tells Winslow that he has noticed the same thing. Winslow tells Cat that he thinks Shriek secretly loves Dog. Cat then thinks that if Shriek and Dog marry, Cliff and Lube may not treat him and Dog so badly.

Cat pretends to write as Dog and invites Shriek over to a love-themed bridge in a letter. Cat convinces Dog to come to the bridge. Dog asks what they are doing. Cat tells him to wait. Though it is shown, Cat falls asleep. He dreams of Shriek and Dog marrying each other. Cat and Dog's house is shared by the Greasers, who treat Dog with great respect but force Cat to work for them.

Cat is ignored by the Greasers except when they want a refreshment. Cat wakes up from his nightmare and sees Shriek walking by. He does not want his dream to become reality and stops Dog and Shriek from getting in touch. Cliff and Lube appear and chase and beats up Cat, while we see Dog is still running without being beaten up. They run back to their house.


  • Rancid and Eddie do not appear.
  • This episode unveils Shriek's secret crush, Dog.


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