Full Moon Fever


Season 1, Episode 5
October 6, 1998
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Written by
John Loy
Supervising Directors
Derek Drymon & Russ Mooney
Storyboard Director
Barry Bunce
Storyboard Artist
Greg Miller
Animation Director
Gary McCarver
Denis M. Hannigan

Full Moon Fever is the 5th episode of season 1.


Dog turns into a wolf-like form during a full moon, causing him to act unusual. He grows out of control, and wants to join the Greasers. They give him a series of test to determine if he is worthy, from digging a large pile of bones and eating garbage, to ripping the pants of a mailman. Dog passes all of them, but when he sees how Cat has been suffering the whole time, and would most likely continue to, Dog reverts back to his old self. The Greasers don't accept Dog, but he is content with living with Cat.

Characters Present


  • Dog yells like Tarzan.


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