In this episode, Dog is the fastest canine in town, ripping the pants of any delivery person who comes to the house. He has a wall of framed ripped pant seats, along with pictures taken afterward (it is unknown how the pictures are taken). One day a new mailman comes that is faster than Dog, able to place the mail into the mailbox before Dog can rip his pants. Dog fails to get this new mailman and starts to fall into depression, remebering how as a puppy, there was a paperboy who outwitted him calling him a slowpoke. Cat is at first happy to be receiving his mail without trouble but after seeing his brother so sad, he decides to help. After a riveting speech, Cat gets Dog to overcome his gloominess and pick himself up again. The next time the mailman comes, it is revealed that he is the paperboy from Dog's past. After a moment of shock, Dog collects himself and runs down the mailman this time in a cloud of dust. After the dust settles, the mailman discovers that the mailbox is empty and the seat of his pants has been ripped off, resting in Dog's teeth. The mailman runs away crying as Dog tells him off declaring him the slowpoke.

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