Fishing for Trouble


Season 2, Episode 1b
February 15, 1999
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Directed by
Russ Mooney, George Chialtas
Written by
Andy Rheingold

Fishing for Trouble is an episode in season two. In this episode, Cat tries to get Dog's pet fish from their stomach.



In a fair, CatDog walks with Dog holding a tall stack of food. Cat complains to Dog having too much junk food from the fair. Soon CatDog sees a prize stall and Dog rushes to it. When Dog is about to throw a ball into the bottles, Cat throws up a hairball into the target. Dog picks a goldfish as his prize from Carny.

In CatDog's house Dog shows Winslow his fish, who is named Veronica. Meanwhile when Dog is sleeping, Cat keeps thinking about eating Veronica. Despite citing his own self-control, he eats Veronica. Believing that Dog will be offended, Cat puts a sketched balloon in Veronica's fishbowl. When Dog wakes up, he notices that 'Veronica' changed its appearance. When the balloon shrinks, Cat tells Dog that he will "check his tonsils", and enters his mouth.

Cat calls for Veronica while going down. He finds food Dog swallowed that impede his way to Veronica. When Winslow appears from his hole, he goes back. As Cat treks Dog's digestive systems, he goes out of another Cat's mouth (which was himself) and goes back inside realizing he took the wrong turn going the same way he came in before.

Dog looks at 'Veronica', who is shrinking. When Cat thinks he is losing hope of finding Veronica, he finds Veronica as a muscular, humanoid talking fish. When Veronica tries to eat Cat, Dog notices that 'Veronica' in the fishbowl is a balloon. Dog pulls Cat from his mouth. When he scolds Cat for eating Veronica, Veronica emerges from Dog's mouth, swallowing CatDog.

Inside Veronica, tells Cat he lost his self-control. Dog tells him that it is alright because he also loses self-control. In CatDog's living room, Veronica and Winslow watches TV. Veronica gives Winslow his chili and goes to the "little boys' room." Winslow then laughs.


  • This episode is shorter than most episodes. Where each episode is often eleven minutes, this episode is almost seven minutes long. This is probably due to making time for "Fetch" which is seen after this episode.
  • When Cat accidentally crawls out his own mouth meeting his clone who was looking for the fish as well they were both shocked seeing each other but were not moving at the same time as each other. Both had a different reaction.
  • The Scene Where Winslow Walks in to Greet CatDogs Mouth but Sees Cat in Dogs Mouth and Walks Away Saying Nevermind Became a Meme