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Season 2, Episode 1c
November 20, 1998 (in theaters) February 15, 1999
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Fetch is an episode of CatDog.

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Cat wins a prize, and has five minutes to call the radio station, but Winslow throws a ball to bring Dog to chase it all over the town. While Cat tries to get the phone.


The camera moves from outside, to inside CatDog's house. Then moves to Cat and Dog upstairs. Cat drags Dog down to the couch. Where he listens to the radio. The radio announcer, announces, that Cat has won a prize, and has five minutes to call the station. Winslow walks out of his mouse hole, and teases Dog with a ball before throwing it outside, so then Dog begins to chase after it. Cat tries to stay in the house, so he can call the radio station. Dog runs out after the ball. They pass Mervis, the Greaser Dogs, and Mr. Sunshine, and injure them, as Dog chases after the ball. Then they enter the mall.

Dog chases the tennis ball, through the mall, damaging many items. Dog is now in the air chasing the ball. The ball hits a plane and creates a large hole in it, causing it to fall. Cat spots a phone booth near the Grand Canyon and claims his prize. The Greasers, Mervis, and Mr. Sunshine, are hot on Cat and Dog's trail in a Fire truck. Cat and Dog run out of the way. The Fire truck falls down into the canyon.

The plane that CatDog had passed previously, falls down on them. The next scene shows Cat wrapped in bandages outside with Winslow laughing in a lounge chair. A truck approaches, Cat realizes that the truck contains his prize. The radio announcer appears, in person and gives Cat a life supply of balls. Dog tries to chases after them all. The Greasers, Mr. Sunshine, and Mervis, appear and chase after Cat and Dog. Winslow is shown saying that he loves fetch. Then a ball hits him, causing him to fall on the ground.


  • This short was seen before The Rugrats Movie in theaters, and replaced by Winslow's Home Videos on the VHS release.
  • Unlike the other episodes of this show, the animation was more detailed. This is likely because the budget for the episode was higher, due to being a theatrical short.
  • This is the first theatrical short to be based on a Nicktoon (not including the Hey Arnold! pilot which aired with Harriet the Spy, for Hey Arnold! hadn't aired on TV at the time).


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