Dummy Dummy


Season 1, Episode 8
October 13, 1998
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Written by
Peter Hannan, Robert Porter & Antoine Guilbaud
Robert Porter & Antoine Guilbaud
Animation Director
George Chialtas
Denis M. Hannigan

Dummy Dummy is the 8th episode of CatDog from the first season.


Cat and Dog go to the store and tell a joke to each other, they scan their food and Dog buys "Little Cat" (a cat puppet/plush). Dog pays more attention to Little Cat than he ever did to Cat, but Cat tries not to mind. He also hated it when Dog got his Little Cat puppet and started teasing The Greaser Dogs to punch Cat in his right eye after driving by their house and a bunch of tough dogs beat him up while Dog and Little Cat leave him outside alone and play a game of cards with the dogs in their club house. Eventually, Cat tells Dog that he is leaving him. But Dog quickly realizes his mistakes and apologizes to Cat for ignoring him.

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