Diamond Fever is the seventh episode of CatDog from the second season.

Diamond Fever


Season 1, Episode 7
October 8, 1998
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Directed by
Derek Drymon
Written by
Steven Banks
Music by
Mark Mothersbaugh

Characters PresentEdit


Cat and Dog find diamonds in the barnyard, causing Cat to get a bit greedy.


Cat is gardening. A gopher digs up some of his flowers, causing Cat to chase him. Dog is covered in dirt after the gopher escapes Cat. Cat sees two shining objects in Dog's nose. Dog takes them out and shows them to Cat. Cat thinks they are diamonds and digs in the ground. He takes out more diamonds. Cat knows that many diamonds make people rich and goes underground with Dog to find even more.

Cat and Dog start mining for diamonds. Soon, piles of diamonds are shown. Dog makes friends with his diamonds and names them. He has a favorite diamond that he names "Joey". The next morning, Dog sees that Joey is not with his other diamonds and thinks Cat stole Joey. Cat did not and tries to explain to Dog how he is innocent. Dog does not believe him. The two fight and after falling into carts and catching aa gian diamond, Cat and Dog are flung out of the mine and the diamonds fall down the abyss.

Dog finds Joey above ground. The gopher shown earlier appears and eats 2 diamonds. He tells Cat and Dog that he loves rock candy. Cat realizes that he and Dog have not been finding diamonds, but have been finding rock candy. Dog goes back underground to find more as he loves rock candy.


  • Winslow, Mr. Sunshine, Cliff, Shriek, Lube, and Rancid Rabbit do not appear.
  • One of Dog's many named diamonds are "Shemp" and "Kathie Lee"
  • This episode is on the VHS '[[Together Forever]]
  • The episode's plot is a reference to the 1927 novel and 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.