Cornelius Sunshine


Cornelius Sunshine
Male (♂)
Magician, Attorney, Garbage Collector, Waiter, Doctor
(None known)
CatDog, Mervis, Dunglap, Eddie (sometimes)
Rancid Rabbit, Eddie (sometimes) Greasers, Winslow (at least once), Pete the Polecat
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Cornelius Sunshine is a green-skinned, shirtless creature with a human-like head, a thin, once-coiled tail and no apparent emotions, who has a monotone voice and demeanor very similar to the actor Ben Stein. His name is ironically the very opposite of his personality, and he often nods off and falls asleep in the middle of doing things, such as performing a (very unengaging) magic act. It is suggested that his sardonic and pessimistic personality may be Dog's fault. Very little is known about him. Thus it is apparent that not even the characters in the show know what he is.


No matter how big and shiny the silver lining is, Mr. Sunshine can find the dark cloud behind it. Ten minutes with Mr. Sunshine and anyone will go from being on top of the world to crouching under their desk hugging their teddy bear. He is a recurring character in the series and appears in many episodes, though is not as important as the main characters and some of the other recurring characters with larger roles. Mr. Sunshine lives in a cave under CatDog's house. 

Mr. Sunshine is the spitting cartoon image of Ben Stein, famous actor from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and the recent Comedy Central game show- "Win Ben Stein's Money". He's got the same monotone voice that Ben Stein is well known for. Mr. Sunshine's personality is a juxtapostion of his name. He always seems sleepy and bored with life in general, not bright and cheery at all. The picture says it all, with his baggy droopy eyes, and frown.


Mr. Sunshine has green skin. He wears gray-brown shorts but no shirt. The character has a small patch of red-brown hair atop his head. He has a human-like head, a once-coiled tail and a pair of yellow eyes with black pupils.


Mr. Sunshine appears in many episodes of CatDog. His first appearance was in Fetch.


  • It was rumored among many CatDog fans that Mr. Sunshine may be a shell-less turtle, though another source says that he used to be a monkey during development.
  • His first name was revealed in the episode "The Ballad of Ole 159."
  • His last name was revealed in the episode "Party Animal".
  • Like Rancid Rabbit, Mr. Sunshine's jobs vary and is also voiced by Billy West.
  • According to storyboard artist Erik Wiese, he appears to be inspired by American speechwriter Ben Stein[1].
  • Mr Sunshine is similar to Sour Bill from "Wreck it Ralph." Both are green, boring, and very loyal to whoever they serve.

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