Cloud Bursting


Season 1, Episode 0 / Season 2, Episode 1
December 31, 1999
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Directed by
Barry Bunce, Ron Myrick, Robert Porter
Written by
Robert Lamoreaux, Steven Banks
Music by
Denis M. Hannigan
Created by
Peter Hannan

Cloud Bursting is the 34th episode in Season 3.


The episode begins in the Nearburg Invention Convention. Rancid Rabbit presents the finalist's inventions to the audience. Mervis and Dunglap present a unicycle with two seats but they hit a wall and both walls surrounding their invention fell on them. The Greaser Dogs present the Automatic CatButt Pounder, an invention based on their hostility to Cat. Dog presented the Blender Beanie, a blender like a hat in which he thinks that mixing things in it will make a nutritious food even though makes dirty food, while Cat showcases the Mega Solar Tanning Blaster, a device meant to give one dark island tan in two minutes. Lola presented a plane-like machine known as the RainMaster 3000, a machine that forms rain. Rancid awarded Lola as the winner of the convention and wants it to show its potential at Nearburg Park. This lead to Cat being jealous of her creation.

In the night Cat plans to sabotage Lola's creation. He enters Lola's tree home to jam the Rainmaster 3000 but Dog woke up and wandered why they are in Lola's home. Cat told Dog that he's giving it "a tune-up".

In Nearburg Park Randolph Grant announced Lola to demonstrate the RainMaster 3000. Lola began using her creation but it began crashing up midair and fell to the ground. Rancid Rabbit disqualified Lola from keeping her award. Cat showed his invention to Rancid if he can use it and was given permission to use it. Cat used his Mega Solar Tanning Blaster which caused an instant drought in Nearburg and burning people. This made almost everyone angry at Cat and Cliff fight him for this.

Returning home, CatDog appear to have no choice reversing the drought. They saw Lola about to quit her scientific activities. When Dog told Lola about the fact that Cat modified the RainMaster 3000, Lola became angry and kept pecking on Cat until he apologized. Cat persuaded Lola that he can help fix the RainMaster 3000.

After fixing the RainMaster 3000, Lola and CatDog use the machine with a peddling mechanism that Dog uses. The machine broke down again midair but Cat realized that by Dog rolling a hundred times they can propel up again. Lola then dropped a modified watermelon to Nearburg which exploded and made a powerful rain to reverse the drought. A lightning stroke hits the RainMaster 3000 which caused it to fall with CatDog crashed down the ground but Lola landed safely. After being thanked by Lola for saving the world, Dog celebrated his victory by demonstrating his Blender Beanie to the Nearburg citizens by putting dirt in it while Cat remained covered in the ground feeling cold.