This page lists all rules in the CatDog Wiki. Please read this page before editing the pages.

General Rules

  • Please respect each other. Do not insult other users.
  • Do not vandalize pages.
  • Only put content relevant to CatDog.
  • Fan-made or fan fiction content is forbidden here.
  • Spam is not allowed.
  • Gibberish and nonsense text will be undone.
  • You can edit without registration but user registration is heavily suggested.
  • Swearing is not allowed here except for references and non-attacking purposes. CatDog is a children's television series!
  • Always respect the admin(s).
  • Only upload CatDog relevant pictures. Do not upload fan art and offensive pictures.
  • Do not make duplicate pages. They will be deleted or redirected.
  • Please do not create new categories without the admin's permission. Categories should not have very few articles or be redundant with another one.
  • If you create a page, please put relevant text and an image if possible. They can't be left blank or have little to no context.
  • For copyright reasons, do not upload videos of the show.
  • If the following rules have been violated, you will get a warning and get banned from editing the CatDog Wiki.
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