Season 1, Episode 14
October 21, 1998
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Written by
Lance Khazei & Michael Karnow
Storyboard Director
Gary Goldstein
Storyboard Artist
Kelly Kennedy
Animation Director
Gary McCarver
Denis M. Hannigan

CatDogPig is the fourteenth episode of CatDog from the first season.

Characters PresentEdit


Winslow tries to have CatDog have one more side to vote on what they should do for fun, so they try to find someone. They have (Mr.) Pig who Cat thinks will agree with him. But he turns out to like what Dog does. Dog and Pig let Cat know they invited 3 new members. (Mr.) "CatDogPig" now has, (Mr.) Horse, (Mr.) Gorilla and (Mr.) Emu on their back. They all go to the kitchen to find food. Cat gets angry and decides to gain more animals. (Mr.) "CatDogPigHorseGorillaEmu" now has (Mr.) Beaver, (Mr.) Cow, (Mr.) Ferret, (Mr.) Human and (Mr.) Bat on their back. They decide to end it and leave all the animals tied up together. They decide to agree with each other from now on. Throughout the episode, a blimp passes by. It ends up crashing into the animals and sends them flying. The episode ends with Pig saying "Totally Rad!".


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