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The Aliens are characters in "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery".


The aliens are extra-terrestrials who abduct people and use them on experiments. They are purple humanoid aliens with one eye, antennaes, andproboscis-like mouths. They wear dark blue suits and carry rods as weapons.

The aliens use a spaceship as their vessel. They are first seen when their victims are returning from the spaceship to their relatives on a toilet shaped structure on the site of a rest area. When CatDog went to their spaceship in hops of finding their parents, they attempt to capture them but with Dog playing with the controls as the ship launched, they are launched around the dome. Unable to stop CatDog, the aliens abandon their ship and escaped into escape pods with Winslow. They are not seen again afterwards.


  • Some of their dialogue are a reference to the Borg of Star Trek.
  • It appears that all or some of the aliens are named Tim.