Aimee can be sneaky at times but deep down when she's near her beatnik alley-cat friends, she's loyal. Aimee is a brown Abyssinian cat. Aimee's age is unknown. She loves fresh milk and garbage! Aimee's last name is SneakyMcFeline. secret..has a crush on Cat! She only appeared in one episode and not in any other episodes. Aimee can be an "underdog" out of all the alley cats, like most cats she is aquahobic. Sometimes, Aimee appears to be claustrophobic and is more convincing to other people near her. Aimee hates people quitting the alley cats gang and hates to see people cry.

Normal OutfitEdit

Aimee always wears a berry (known as the french hat) which is the color black, she also wears a light blue top with a bit of her sleeves rolled up and tied up a bit of her top so it shows her bellybutton. Aimee also wears black leggings and has a visible tail, Aimee is always out in her light blue eye-shadow and no shoes.


Aimee has two whiskers on each bit of her face and she has a navy blue oval nose. She has light brown or AKA tanned skin and has brown hair, one bit of her hair is covering her left eye and the other eye is showing. She has no eye color

First AppearanceEdit

She has only appeared is Cat Gone Bad Edit